Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Must-See for Lovers of Story

Today my son Cameron was home from school with the flu. Remember those awful, long days when you sit and watch boring day-time TV and try to keep chicken noodle soup down (maybe with a couple of saltine crackers) while your mom brings you 7up tosip through a bendy straw?

Instead of leaving Cameron victim to boring afternoon TV, I went out and rented a couple of movies. This evening we cuddled on the couch (he's feeling better, btw, and his fever is gone) and watched Big Fish. :)If you're a person who loves and sees the possibility of story, who understands the many mosaic and moving meanings of a story, who gets the point that its the love and life within a story that matters, Big Fish is a movie you've just got to see. I'm glad I've got it for a week. I'll have the whole thing memorized by Friday.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Window to Another World

This morning I drove Cameron to school in the pre-dawn darkness. After a morning of rushing to get math homework finished, he pushed the button that would fill the car with Christmas music and settled back in his seat for the 15 minute ride. Elvis sang, "Silver Bells." Cameron turned to me and asked, "What was the big deal about Elvis, mom?"

I told Cameron what I knew about Elvis (although I was born in the 60s and missed the hysteria by half a decade) and we talked about what we knew of the world in the 50s. I told Cameron about dress styles and school rules about clothing; I remembered how my neighbor (a peer of my older brother) was sent home from high school because her skirt was too short. She was sent to the dean's office and made to kneel on the floor; then because her skirt hem didn't fully touch the floor, she was sent home to change.

Cameron found it hard to believe that such a time existed; I found it hard to believe he didn't know that. I was reminded of the ways in which our stories--pulled from our own memories, experiences, past and present--open windows to worlds others might otherwise never see. I'm glad he and I exchanged world views this morning. It's not even 8:00am yet, and already I feel as though I've given and received today. :)