Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Don't let the cloud win

Last night I had a conversation with a friend about the nature of discouragement and the feelings of hopelessness and "why try?" that go along with it. It seems we all run through cycles of times when internally we feel ready and able to take on any task, and then times when we feel overwhelmed and too ineffective to resolve even the tiniest challenge. I'm not sure why our emotional boats pitch and sway like this--perhaps it's our inner sense of identity, maybe it's the stars, or it could be we're all fighting colds. :)

Whatever it is that disempowers us, when we feel low, the cloud of discouragement comes to sit on our shoulders. Suddenly we can't see the way out of things. Answers seem far away. Life doesn't feel right. We doubt our abilities. We wonder whether we'll ever feel effective again.

This cloud, as heavy and dense and real as it feels, is just vapor. Vapor filled with the exhaust of past experiences, of all the doubts that stick to us during ther day, of all the fears we project into the future about obstacles that could arise.

The reality is here, in this moment. Right now. We are capable creators, who sometimes forget or can't see (for whatever reason), the sheer joy and power of our potential to create. We can create for ourselves clouds around our heads or beautiful meadows under our feet. We can pave our own way with obstacles or line the path with beauty and peace. We create in every moment, and our creations--for better or worse--inspire others to create their own worlds.

So today, if the cloud of discouragement follows you around, remember that it's not real--it's not who you are. Reject the worries that say your life isn't what it should be. Claim responsibility for where you are and know that wherever that may be you have within you the creative power to create the story you want. There is a force (I'm convinced) that is for you--it's part of your creative heritage. Try it and see. Just say to that cloud "You're not real," and pay attention as your internal energy begins to build.

We're not here to be victims or our lives--passive recipients of events--but to create the lives we envision, in love, in blessing, in joy. Let's try it! :)


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