Saturday, March 31, 2007

What We Are to Each Other

This poem, which arrived in this morning's Writers' Almanac, took my breath away. It seems to me to perfectly reflect the mystical connection and reflection, the holy service we offer and receive from one another. Take a look:

by Marge Piercy, from The Crooked Inheritance

The small birds leave cuneiform
messages on the snow: I have
been here, I am hungry, I
must eat. Where I dropped
seeds they scrape down
to pine needles and frozen sand.

Sometimes when snow flickers
past the windows, muffles trees
and bushes, buries the path,
the jays come knocking with their beaks
on my bedroom window:
to them I am made of seeds.

To the cats I am mother and lover,
lap and toy, cook and cleaner.
To the coyotes I am chaser and shouter.
To the crows, watcher, protector.
To the possums, the foxes, the skunks,
a shadow passing, a moment's wind.

I was bad watchful mommy to one man.
To another I was forgiving sister
whose hand poured out honey and aloe;
to that woman I was a gale whose lashing
waves threatened her foundation; to this
one, an oak to her flowering vine.

I have worn the faces, the masks
of hieroglyphs, gods and demons
bat-faced ghosts, sibyls and thieves,
lover, loser, red rose and ragweed,
these are the tracks I have left
on the white crust of time.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Teen and Parent Stories

If you work with teenagers and/or their parents, you may be interested in downloading the free e-book I just published: Stay in Touch with Your Teen. I wrote this book to tell the stories of the teenagers I knew who had green hair, pierced everything, and the counterculture look. My intention was to help parents understand what was going on inside these kids--what they needed, acceptance-wise, and what was happening developmentally that parents could help support rather than resist.

The book includes many stories of both teens and parents, and has tables, research, tips, and more that provide ideas for improving communication, setting boundaries, and understanding each others' worlds.

Please download the book if you're interested and pass it along to anyone you think might find it helpful!