Sunday, April 13, 2008

Remembering Michael White

A really sad event happened this week in the narrative therapy community. Michael White passed away suddenly on April 5 after a collapse the day before. Worldwide services are being held at sunset in a number of different countries around the globe this week to remember Michael and his family during this time. Here is a link to the Dulwich Centre Web site with more information about services.

I was blessed to attend one of Michael’s workshops in Indiana a few years ago. I have read much of his work and his ideas and presence—and especially his compassionate and unwavering support of those who seek freedom from limiting constructions—have had a huge impact on my life, personally and professionally. Michael’s work gave me the language to share my sense of the inherent goodness of people as well as specific tools to assist them in moving beyond limiting images of their unlimited selves. He will surely be missed, and I know that many, many fine people are carrying his ideas forward even now.