Sunday, June 07, 2009

Themes worth exploring

Today is the birthday of Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk (nod to Writer's Almanac), and here is a quote that to me points directly to the power and potential of narrative:

    "What literature needs most to tell and investigate today are humanity's basic fears: the fear of being left outside, and the fear of counting for nothing, and the feelings of worthlessness that come with such fears…"

Whether we work with clients or just live and love alongside others, isn't this what we're doing for each other all the time? We mitigate these fears through community, inclusion, self-awareness, openness, love. They are the mantle of humanity--the fear that we are really separate and not One. Narrative--when we are using is awake, aware, and fully present--is the ship that carries us to another's shore and helps us expand their horizon in their own language.


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