Sunday, June 28, 2009

What brings you joy?

Just a few moments ago I posted a reflection on a momentary joy on my other blog, and was struck by the realization that the way in which we experience and frame joy may have interesting connections in terms of personality, agency, and outlook.

  • Is joy to you an inward thing you find yourself?
  • Is joy a shared experience with a loved one?
  • The accomplishment of a task or project?
  • The weaving of a dream?
  • The absence of restrictions and limitations?

Think of a moment in your life you would describe as utterly joyful and let yourself re-experience it. Feel it fully. Smell the smells. See the sights. Feel the touch. Taste the taste. What does joy feel like for you? Where are you, what's happening, and who are you with?

The answers may mirror back some interesting threads you can weave into your day today. Try it and see (I'm going to). Feel free to share anything you discover in a comment on this post. :)

Wishing you joy today!


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