Saturday, September 20, 2008

The big story of a life

Look at the book I just ordered from! I'm very excited about it. This morning first thing I read today's Writer's Almanac email newsletter (which I always do) and discovered today is the anniversary of the day Magellan's crew (18 remaining of 270) made it back to Spain, completing the first successful circumnavigation of the globe. On board was a quiet scholar named Antonio Pigafetta who, similar to the naturalist in Master and Commander meticulously studied and noted everything he found on the ship's three-year voyage. Fascinated by the fact that we know this 500 years later because of the journaling of one person, I thought, "I've got to read that book!" And after a look at it on Google Books (my favorite new find) and reading a little about him on Wikipedia (they don't have much), I found the book here on and ordered it.

Those of us living and working with a sense of narrative may find significant connection in Pigafetta's writings. Circumnavigating the world is what we do through the span of our lives--the world we create, poke, test, change, breathe, love. Capturing it in notebooks, in our hearts, in our language, in gifts we give each other is how we come to understand and share the story. That's what I'm doing with this blog. Just sailing east toward more light and understanding.

I'll post some study notes of the book after I get it. Stay tuned. :)


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