Monday, September 28, 2009

Thinking landscapes

This morning for some reason I found myself mentally tabbing through many of the best experiences of my life, and I noticed with some wonder that many of them had something in common. Beautiful landscapes. A sense of openness, freedom. A timeless quality that brought peace and a sense of limitless expansiveness. In some situations those where real physical landscapes: watching a thunderstorm out over the ocean; watching eagles circling overhead in Alaska; sitting on a porch in the afternoon watching waves of corn stalks, moving in the wind. And then there's the sky--open, beautiful, always changing. I love the sky in the midwestern U.S.--you can see that is really does go on forever, and it's one of the most defining characters in the Indiana landscape. Not tall buildings. Not mountains. Not gorges and rivers. Not flat land. The sky. A constant companion that lifts you up and out of yourself. Nice.

What are the landscapes in your life, and how have they shaped some of your best experiences? If you have a few minutes today, thumb back through that photo album (even if it's in your mind) and see. :)


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