Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who are you?

The more I notice stories around me, the more they begin to multiply and expand and move and change. Stories are very organic, living things--moving almost like streams through consciousness, sometimes full and expansive, sometimes barely trickling and drying up. A person with little access to his or her own story is like a dry creekbed. A person with a rich, rolling, full storyline can be like whitewater rapids (better get out of the way of his raft on that river!).

But I've been noticing more and more how changable and instantly constructed our stories are. We have certain stories we live within--ideals, morals, structure, believes, practices. In our family, we do this, but never that. But in the right context, with the right amount of freedom, with a playful relaxed self, those set descriptors might change--maybe just a bit, maybe a lot.

I'm coming to believe that although we think we carry this great, heavy storyline with us from birth to death, we are actually creating it this moment, in the now. We have great minds and replay who we were (or thought we were, or told ourselves we were) a year ago, three years ago, a decade ago, an hour ago. But we're really constructing that story in this instant.

What do you hear, right now?

What do these characters look like?

How does your left foot feel?

There's your access to your story, arising, in the only moment there ever really is. And now is. And

Something to think about, isn't it? :)


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