Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wondering about Dreamwork

This morning as I was working with my dreams, a thought occurred to me. Jung believed that the anima/animus and shadow often presented themselves in our dreams; he also felt that archetypes were particularly powerful dream characters. Ultimately, he felt that our dreams compensated for something--an idea, belief, action--we weren't aware of in our waking life, helping us find a new way to integrate that part of us that wasn't finding expression in our waking hours. For example, a person who feels run over in daily life might be have a superpower in his dreams, or someone who has an inflated view of herself might be humbled in her dreams.

Today as I explored the compensation in my own dreams, I wondered whether by doing this type of dreamwork we are able to circumvent the experiences we might attract if the dream's message remained unconscious. If I need humbling, for example, and I realize my dream is telling me that, I can consciously act to check any overconfidence that might get me in trouble. If I understand a dream about hosting a huge party is really my subordinate extroverted side getting a little exercise in my dreams, maybe I'll be more open to doing more extroverted things instead of telling myself I tend to do only what introverts do. This might release me from attracting an experience in which I could learn that same lesson (which may or may not be pleasant) down the road.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this idea. Leave a comment and weigh in if you feel so moved. :)


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