Friday, December 29, 2006

Dreams and Narrative

Earlier this summer I wrote about the impact my in-depth study of Jung has been having on my life and thought. I didn't mention what it's doing to my dreams. Previously I had made half-hearted attempts at capturing what I remembered of my dreams in the morning after I woke up; I kept a dream journal where I recorded the narrative of the dream as well as impressions of color, feelings, climate, and more.

But until I really got to know Jung, I didn't have the keys I needed to unlock the people, images, tools, and dynamics in those dreams. Now I not only write in my dream journal regularly, but I also keep a red notebook of dream diagrams, where I sketch out the various images in the dream, diagram the dynamics, list the associations, and determine what compensation and/or question my unconscious is offering me through the dream. It's fascinating--and so rich!

After the New Year, I'm going to write up the process and produce a series of worksheets so you can try it yourself if you feel so led. I am convinced more than ever that we are truly self-healing beings--sometimes we need each other to help find the keys to the doors we've locked pieces of ourselves behind, but I believe we have everything we need to ultimately find wholeness, integration, and a sense of true appreciation for ourselves and all creation around and within us.

Happy New Year!


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