Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Storyteller’s Wish List

As someone who is fascinated by and continually learning about story (personal stories, life framing systems, archetypes and mythology, and more), I put together a unique kind of holiday list relating what, to me, would constitute a really great holiday:

  • Plenty of friends and family
  • Time to reflect and understand
  • Lots of laughter
  • Tears (from a softened heart)
  • Awareness (awe) of beauty
  • Wonder (embracing the mystery)
  • Hope (drawing us forward into an ever-expanding and enriching life)
  • Desire (for clarity, for understanding, for connection)
  • Giving from the abundance of appreciation for what we have
  • Receiving the joy another shares

Wherever you are this year, I hope you enjoy a full, happy, and blessed holiday!


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