Monday, June 20, 2005

Creating Each Other

This thought isn't fully formed yet, but I've been aware lately in my group work of the way in which we see, receive, shape, and form each other. The attitudes and expectations and understandings we have of each other aren't just "right" or "wrong"--they are more than empty value judgments that either lift us up or tear us down. They have an active power, a shaping energy, that somehow molds, pats, and forms the us that is emerging in the group.

I invite out this shy energy to show itself more plainly, not simply to play along the edges of our shadows like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. It is a power we may not name in a way most helpful to us and our work. We may tend to pin it on each other or dodge it in any number of defensive moves--but it may have more creative, energizing, and healing power than we know.


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