Saturday, October 30, 2004

Story as Sacred Space

I gave a presentation on working with narrative with grieving families this week, and I was totally caught up and swept away with my enthusiasm for this growing landscape! I hope I made sense to everyone. The response was good--people were engaged, listening, asking questions, laughing at the right places. :) I felt, in our large seminar round-tabled room, that there was a sacred space in the middle where words, images, potentials, and loves were poured, and everyone brought (said or unsaid) their own understandings and stories, and it all mixed up nicely and produced something good. For the first time I talked about "story as sacred space" (this had never occurred to me before and wasn't in my notes but it just came out in that moment) and I heard how true that was of my deep belief in the possibility and potential of narrative (and of course in the connective ability and desire of the human spirit).

A good experience all around. I'll post my notes later...and keep stirring this idea. :)


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