Thursday, June 28, 2007

A great (and fun) narrative study

If I were teaching a class on narrative, I would design a couple of classes around Stranger Than Fiction. I just watched it last night with my sons and it is wonderful! You'll find all the elements of First Order is a story conscious of itself. It weaves together the mystical and the possible with the limiting and the joyless and comes up with something really extraordinary. And there's a lot of fun besides. (I especially love the gift Harold brings Annie--and the questions the professor asks Harold to help him determine what kind of story he's in.) If you love being able to see the workings of the machine--and to watch characters who really get a living sense of how we are shaped by our narratives--take an evening and watch (and rewatch) this movie.

Update: If you are teaching a class in narrative, here's a good resource for you if you want to teach with this movie. The script is avaliable as a free download here: (Thank you, Zach Helm!)

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