Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Notes and Themes

Last night I found an old notebook from a few years ago in which I'd jotted bits of conversation and highlighted themes. I had recorded a bit of an overheard "first date" at a coffeeshop, where a man talked in depth about his sleep apnea to his wilting listener. I'd reflected on a conversation with a man I'd just met whose story was filled with "they won't let me do it" themes--his wife didn't believe in his dream, his doctor didn't think he should do what he wanted to do, and so on and so on. I had pieces of another conversation in which the person didn't feel she chould choose what others her age were choosing because she was still (even though she was a legal adult) controlled by the choices her mother wanted her to make.

There are so many themes around us, all the time, bubbling up through the stories we tell and even our quickest exchanges of information. I wish I could capture it all, piece it together, understand it. I have a feeling that if we really had "the ears to hear" and "the eyes to see," we would be able to help each other share the light of what we're really living out in a truthful, powerful, root-deep way.


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