Friday, April 14, 2006

Rolling Away the Rock

The theme of renewed hope is springing up all over right now. It's the season; the growing, changing, blossoming nature of life. It's also the time in the Christian year when messages turn from the burial of life, the depletion of energy, and the absence of hope to an open door of possibilities, new life, rebirth.

It's easy to believe others when they tell us their lives are entombed in grief, illness, fear, or rejection. Feeling the cold damp interior of the cave, we come close to our own memories of entrapment. In the silent numbness, can we find and nurture the tiny bud of our own warm hope, a reminder of the growth happening for us outside the tomb of our own--and another's--despair? Holding on to that remembering, cupping it safely in our hands as we witness another's story, will help us move--with glowing hands--toward the entrance to the tomb.

Although we each may be responsible for rolling away the rock that blocks us from our own full, authentic lives, we can travel with each other, holding and nurturing the light we have found, in hope that it will illumine for each the steps for the other.


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