Saturday, November 12, 2005

Crash stories

I've been noticing the theme of crashing--when things come tumbling down--a lot in my life lately. (Maybe because there's been some crashing right here around me.) When a crash happens, whether it's the loss of a job, the diagnosis of an illness, the failure of a dream, the loss of a marriage, or something else, noticing the themes and players involved provides rich ground for exploration. Questions might include

  • Who or what caused the crash?

  • What was involved in the crash?

  • What was lost or gained in the crash?

  • How did the crash serve the people involved?

  • How did the crash solve a problem (even if unhealthily)?

  • Who had agency in the situation--the person(s) affected, or the crash itself?

  • What possible lessons could the crash have come to teach?

I'd like to test this out as I notice other peoples' crashes. But right now it is helpful in giving me some graspable tools to sift through my own.


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