Thursday, February 19, 2004

Narrative Interventions for Narcissists?

I find myself thinking and thinking about narcissism and the other character types (as defined by Horney) and wondering whether there is a narrative intervention that would be suited to each type. Would a narcissist (seeking glory, according to Horney) benefit from a story in which the protagonist yearns and tries for glory and then finds it? Or finds something better in place of it? (such as grace?). What about the agressive type (Horney again)? Would a protagonist rising to power, or failing to achieve a sense of power but finding something better (like peace) be helpful? And with the perfectionist type, would a story of patience, tolerance, affirmation--or the achievement of true perfection--be most helpful?

Perhaps there is not a direct correlation and I guess I am assuming here that the character type somehow needs to be "fixed." Maybe narrative interventions in this sense would be most helpful when we consider what is driving the patient (a quest for glory, power, or perfection) but tailor the narrative to the resolution of the presenting problem, whatever that might be. I'll think of specifics, but in the meantime, do you get my question?


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