Thursday, October 21, 2004

Changing and Growing

A lot of time has passed and I am changing the focus of this blog from a chronicle of my learning for my narrative therapy class to a general collection of information, discoveries, and application of narrative in my role as chaplain, mom, writer, student, whatever. Narrative is seeping into my pores (and maybe out of them!) these days--I seem to notice it everywhere I go. Fascinating, alive, breathing, organic, unlimited. Amazing.

My most recent and exciting narrative adventure included a trip to see Michael White present his idea of "scaffolding therapeutic conversations." Very well presented and inspiring. He captured my attention and imagination and appreciation from the first moments. His respect for others and tender compassion for those he serves is obvious in everything he does. Whether or not he calls it "spiritual," he is truly honoring the best, the highest good, of each person he meets.

Okay, enough gushing. But to understand the subtleties of this work and the delicate touch with which it is most effectively cradled, you may just have to go hear him sometime.


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